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WizBitz was founded by Colin Cook in 2017, originally started as an independent game studio developing mobile games, we are now proud to also offer unique art work and merchandising in the online store, game assets in the Unity Asset Store as well as our blog rammed full of information and guides for game developers and artists.

About Colin

After a successful corporate career of over 10 years in the IT industry both in the UK and Australia I spent some time travelling and working on a variety of projects all over the world, during that time I wrangled my brain over a way to fulfil my passion for creativity, develop a community and give something back.

Then in 2017 sitting at a desk in the back room of an engineering workshop I googled “make video games with C#” and the first result was Unity. After years of believing being part of the video games industry was an impossible dream for me, with no formal qualifications and at 35 years old, suddenly making video games became a possibility and provided the creative outlet I craved in an industry whose creative produce had shaped who I am.

WizBitz is my opportunity to share my thoughts and passions, to support and encourage others, those of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. WizBitz connects people across the world with games, art and words, I want to inspire others and help them find their passion, whatever that may be.

Who is WizBitz?

My first game, and character, was Bitz (The Wizard) you will see his face everywhere and I am sure he will continue to be the shining star of WizBitz long into the future.

Aside from Bitz, the company is run solely by me, Colin. When I collaborate or work with others I provide credit and sincere thanks, WizBitz stands for the community, positivity and supporting each other.

| Online Shop


After starting to make games we needed artwork (and yes an income.) The art reignited my artistic passion for creativity and I wanted to find a way to share it with others. So was born, WizBitz Online Shop.

Unique Art

WizBitz Online shop offers a range of truly unique merchandise that cannot be found anywhere else online, we are not another mass market online store, we don’t believe talented artists should face their artwork being lost in an ocean of churned designs, real art deserves a platform.

All of the art, unless otherwise stated, is 100% my original art, you may notice inspiration taken from games, films or other mediums but the art sold is all hand drawn and completely unique.

Guest Artists

We believe strongly in sharing and supporting each other, from time to time we will work with other artists from the community and help them fund their projects by selling their artwork through our store. Every collaboration is hand-picked, we work directly with artists to ensure we deliver the best quality product. We will always, as they deserve, credit the original artist.

Quality and Price

Using modern technology and the power of the interwebs we are able to offer high quality merchandise. We keep our profit margins low so that we can produce exceptional quality products but still keep the price affordable for you. By outsourcing the production and delivery of our products to industry leaders in the USA and Europe we are able to offer ethical & quality products whilst still providing outstanding customer service across multiple locations.

| Asset Store

Unity Assset Store

Making game art is hard, we know. There is so much that needs to be done and so many skills required, to help that process we are proud to offer affordable, original game Assets in the Unity Asset Store.

| Giving Back

Giving Back

We are a young and small company which allows us to maintain a personal touch, it also allows us the freedom to give something back. As a thank you to the community at large we put aside a share of the profits which is then passed on to support and promote gaming, arts and other worthwhile charities.

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Please support WizBitz and other artists by checking out our online shops and games.

If you would like to get in touch, find us on social media or use the contact form, I read every message personally and will respond to everyone who contacts me.